Quality through experience

Repotec boasts a long-standing and successful track record in plant engineering and construction. The extensive experience of our technicians allows it to handle even complex and major projects successfully.

Complete list
  2018   Namie/JAP - engineering, commissioning support
  2017   Hwaesong/KOR - concept study
  2016   Wajima/JAP - engineering, commissioning support
  2013   R&D/FRA - general contractor for lot gasification
  2011   R&D/FRA - engineering and construction
      WSC/ITA - retrofitting of a Biomass gasification plant
  2010   Dende/BRA - Biomass gasifier to serve a biofuel plant - design
  2009   Gas Conditioning Plant/Güssing, AUT - engineering, construction and commissioning
    Biomass gasification power plant/Brandenburg, GER - design
  2008   CHP/Chemnitz, GER - Basic Engineering and approval planning
      TBM/GER – design, tender
  2007   Energy Hub Baden/GER – studies and basic engineering
      Cegaz/FRA – design, basic engineering
  2006   GoBiGas/SWE – design
      HGA Senden/GER – design, approval planning, detail engineering
  2005   Gasification-CHP-plant/FRA – studies und basic engineering
      CHP/Wiener Neustadt, AUT - improved efficiency
  2004   CHP/Oberwart, AUT - basic engineering, approval planning
  2003   Vathorst/NED – conceptional design and basic engineering
  2000   CHP/Güssing, AUT - start-up and optimization
  2007   Mondi Paper BFB Boiler/Stambolijski, BUL - design
  2005   Fundermax biomass boiler SWS 2/AUT - tender
  2004   Biomass power plant/Heiligenkreuz, AUT - conception, approval, tender, design
  2003   Biomass power plant/Vienna, AUT – approval
  2011   Carbon Capture Product (CCP)/Vienna, AUT - technical planning for the cement industry